↳ 2022
↳ Branding & Identity / UX & UI
↳ Figma / Adobe Illustrator​​​​​​​
↳ Role: UI Designer / Illustrator
↳ UX Designer: Nick Poon
↳ Developers: Ivan Chau, Nathan Chau

A more efficient approach to involve your community.
Fella is an innovative online platform designed for church community leaders, facilitating seamless administration to fellowships and group members. Additionally, it offers data analytics dashboards, empowering leaders to analyze group trends and glean valuable insights into group engagements.

Project Goal
With a team of developers and UX designers, our aim is to rebrand Fella, infusing it with a fresh brand identity and an enhanced user experience that resonates with the core values and mission. As the UI designer, my focus lies in revamping the platform through a new logo design, refined colour palette, icons, and illustrations.